Is Alaska Adventure Coaching What You Need?

Alaska has been my outdoor playground of choice for 25 years. And its rugged beauty holds a secret. And once you realize it, you’ll completely understand why I have a special love for Alaska adventure coaching and why so many of my clients choose this adventure over all the rest…

Ruggedly Beautiful And Remote, A Self-Discovery Paradise

Just like any of my backcountry adventures, my Alaska adventure coaching lets you explore a new and captivating landscape. In doing so, you’ll escape the distractions and pressure of day-to-day life. That way, you can dive deep and examine the internal landscape of your own heart and mind.

And in all my years of adventuring, I’ve never found a location that does that quite so well as Alaska, “the last frontier.”

Take a grizzled old adventurer’s advice:

If you have the chance to make only one backcountry adventure in your lifetime, choose Alaska.

The diversity of this state is astonishing, and the landscape is nothing short of breathtaking…

Lush multi-colored forests, crystal clear rivers teeming with wildlife, snow-capped mountains…

With nearly six million acres of open land ripe for exploration, Alaska is your paradise for growth and self-discovery.

Alaska Adventure Coaching Will Change Your Life Forever

Now, I don’t just love Alaska for the same reasons National Geographic does…

It’s true that the abundant wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery is amazing. But what’s most crucial to me and my clients is the adventure that happens within yourself…

Throughout your Alaska adventure coaching, I’ll guide you through all kinds of wilderness activities you’ve probably never done before.

And that’s the point…

It teaches you to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone.

Learn to learn again. Learn to get lost and find your way. Learn to dig deep and go further than you thought you could.

All of this lets us shake off the lies of our soft and monotonous daily lives.

Once you break free from the suffocating (and often self-imposed) restraints of everyday life, you’ll at last be able to reconnect with what’s truly in your heart and mind.

Who are you?

What do you want?

What are you doing now and where is it taking you?

What can you change today that will improve your life forever?

Those are the kinds of questions you’ll ask once you allow yourself to be free. And the answers to those questions will come about as part of your journey through the Alaskan wilderness.

While you explore the external landscape, you’ll also explore the internal one.

Discover Your Truth And Live A Life You’re Proud Of

With Alaska adventure coaching, you’ll finally be able to internally discover your deepest truths…

What does that mean?

I mean you’ll discover those things that are most important to you…

Those things that you’d want to build the rest of your life around.

And I’m not talking about the soulless routine so many people call “life.”

I’m talking about a fresh start. A new you. A new future.

What’s deep in your heart and mind that’s so important, that you want your new future to rest upon it?

These are life-changing questions only you can answer. And the only way to know if you’re answering them truthfully is to take a good long look at your internal landscape. You need to find out who you truly are.

Can you do that while you’re feverishly checking work emails?

Or running frantically from meeting to meeting?

How about when you’re pulling your hair out because your work or personal life is tearing you apart?

Can you answer those questions while you’re wasting away in present misery or fear of the future?

If so, I’d love to know your secrets…

But I know I can’t, and if you’re like me…

Here’s what I suggest.

If you’d like to find out who you truly are, live a life you’re proud of and build a future you’d love to call your own, there’s only one thing you need to do right now…

Apply for Alaska adventure coaching with me and let’s start an adventure together so you can experience dramatic and positive change in your life.

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