Frequently Asked Questions

I work with both individuals and teams to reach their leadership goals.

  1. For individuals – Reclaim control over your life and business. Rediscover your deepest truths, define your goals and live a happy and fulfilled life.
  2. For teams – Rediscover their mission and purpose. Work together to plot out and align their leadership goals and unite with one another behind the mission and vision of their company. This will infuse your business with new life.

I offer four popular coaching options to accommodate your (or your team’s) unique needs:

  1. Leadership Coaching Calls by phone or Zoom – maximum convenience and flexibility
  2. 1:1 Face to Face (F2F) Leadership Coaching Sessions – I’ll get on a plane and meet you for in-person leadership training sessions at your office or wherever you’re most comfortable. We’ll take a day or two to dig deep into your leadership challenges and create an actionable road map to realign your life and reach your goals.
  3. Alaska Leadership Adventures* (ALA) – a life-changing expedition for you or your leadership team. Experience the full dose of wilderness leadership coaching, spending at least three days learning, growing and adventuring in the remote Alaskan bush.
    1. *Before embarking on an Alaska Leadership Adventure, the client(s) must have completed at least six months of prior coaching with me via Coaching Calls or F2F coaching sessions. This experience is not for everyone and I need to know you’re a good fit before I let you sign up.
  4. Global Leadership Expedition – for the determined leader/adventurer, you’ll get a wilderness coaching experience in a distant land of your choice, from the Scottish Highlands, to the tobacco oceans of Nicaragua, to the furthest reaches of Mongolia. Choose your adventure and become the leader you were born to be.
If you are located within 300 miles Anchorage or Fairbanks, then I am willing to discuss face-to-face meetings. Otherwise, I recommend that we meet virtually via Zoom or phone.

We have two scheduled calls per month. When issues arise, I offer a 12-hour response time during working hours via mobile phone cell, text, or email. There is a nine month engagement minimum.

Speaking Engagements


I’ve spoken at multiple leadership events on “Discovering Your Leadership Truth Equals Congruent Leadership.”

If you’re looking for a deeper dive than a stand-alone speech, I also offer a half and full-day leadership course of the same name.

Want to book me for your leadership event? Click here and let’s talk.

Alaskan Leadership Adventures

No. However, I will ask you to do your best to stretch, hike/walk with a pack on your back and improve your physical ability before your arrival. I also have an in-depth physical and health questionnaire that my clients and I go over prior to booking to determine if ALA is right for you.

That’s a big question.

Here is my high-level answer: lots of different things…

With me you’ll experience custom expeditions into the Alaskan wilderness: fishing, sea kayaking, pack rafting, backcountry hiking, “road scholar” road trips around Alaska and caribou hunts. You could also experience rafting and flights around Denali’s peak.

That’s really just the beginning. And honestly, once you’re out in nature, sometimes you have unplanned-for adventures, which is part of what makes it so powerful

Not at all.

If “roughing it” isn’t your style, you can stay in my guest house which I lovingly call “Ridgeview with mountains all around.”

It’s simply yet comfortably furnished and offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

There’s a spacious living area upstairs where I hold most of the daily team meetings.

Ridgeview is in Carlo Creek, about 13 miles south of the Denali Park entrance.

On the other hand, if you’d like to get the “full wilderness” experience, we’ll stay in secluded cabins out in the Alaskan bush… far away from cell towers, internet and the rest of humanity.

Because of the distance and logistics to arrive in the interior of Alaska (Denali Park area), you’re required to book a minimum of three full days of coaching with me.

I take every precaution to ensure my clients are safe from all danger (yes even bears…) I have over 25 years experience in the Alaskan bush as an Assistant Big Game Hunting Guide. I guided for moose, dall sheep, bear, wolves and caribou. Over the years I’ve encountered anything and everything that could hurt you, I know how to preemptively avoid any and all dangerous scenarios. As a last resort you’ll have a can of bear spray (which is astonishingly effective) and I always carry a high-caliber firearm in the bush.
Yes! It’s the only time I get to offer my beloved snowmobile trips.
Depending on the type of ALA you choose, you may fly into Anchorage (ANC) and out of Fairbanks (FAI). Or visa versa. Once you arrive in Fairbanks or Anchorage you can take the Alaska Railroad to Denali Park. Or I can pick you up at the airport.
NO! (we’re not doing the Bear Grylls stuff) In fact, before beginning ALA, I’ll send you a complete menu to choose your meals for the duration of your adventure. If you have three or more in your group, I’ll have a cook on-location to cook breakfast and dinner. Trust me; you will not go hungry.

Another big question. Here’s the rundown:

  • Good pair of boots
  • Fitted backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Rain gear
  • NON-cotton clothes

I will provide everything else you need.

Once you schedule your ALA, I’ll send a more detailed document about the importance of buying the right pair of boots and backpack etc.

Here’s what I tell everybody: “Tell, your family ‘No news is good news.’”

In the event of an emergency back home, your family can contact my staff who will reach out to me via my Garmin Inreach. (It uses fancy satellite technology so it works when all other communications won’t).

In the event of an emergency out in the Bush, I can contact your family member or loved one directly via text on my Garmin Inreach.

This is a very important question.


I have all my clients bring their own coffee so they know what they are getting. I suggest a mix of instant packets and ground coffee. (It’s the best way to make a cup of coffee in the wilderness).

I’ll supply the water, mugs and campfire percolator, but you’ll need to supply your favorite roast.