Alaska Leadership Training Success Formula

Hey there, adventurer. Today I will share the “secret to my success” with my Alaska Leadership Training.

I’ve hinted at it many times throughout my past blogs, podcasts and speeches… It’s been right under your nose, but I’ve never expressed it as clearly as I will in this post…

It’s simple, easy-to-remember and gloriously logical…

Are you ready?

Here goes…

Behold, the Alaska Leadership Training Success Formula

Awe + Aha = 🙂

“Mike, what are you talking about?” I’m so glad you asked, my fellow adventurer… Let’s break down the formula together. Because this little formula is responsible for astonishing lifestyle changes for more than a dozen top-performing leaders and CEOs… leading to greater success in business, friendships and home life. So let’s dive in, shall we? First up, we have Awe… or more commonly expressed in the Queen’s English as “Awe.”
awe definition

It’s the most frequent reason anybody comes to Alaska. Put yourself in their shoes… You want to experience something new, exciting and unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

You want to experience the awe of breathtaking Alaska and create memories you’ll carry with you forever. But you won’t just remember what you saw… you’ll also remember how you felt when you saw it…

And years later when you’ve gone back to the day-to-day grind… just thinking of the snow-capped mountaintops will bring it all back… almost like you never left.

Amazing stuff, right?

Awe is a powerful thing. That’s why it’s a critical component of the Alaska Leadership Training Success Formula.

“But what does ‘awe’ have to do with leadership?” you may be wondering…

When we talk about the leadership aspect of my training, that’s more found in the second part of the equation: Aha

And if you apply the same deciphering technique as we did with the first one, you get “Aha…” as in “a resounding ‘Aha!’ moment.”

aha moment definition

The “aha” element comes into play when my clients make a discovery. They find something deep in their heart and mind that changes their perspective forever.

There’s always a “eureka” moment with Alaska Leadership Training. It could be personal or professional. It could be how they’ve lived their life or run their business. The way they’ve treated themselves, their friends and family. Rethinking their value system. Changing careers. Retiring early, or coming out of retirement. Healing a broken friendship or reconnecting with an estranged loved one.

This moment of discovery is pivotal in my clients’ lives. And it’s from that pivot point that they can move forward… get a fresh start with renewed purpose.

Now, what happens if you take “Awe” and you add it to “Aha”???

It’s a match made in heaven: Awe + Aha = 🙂

This is where the magic happens.

This is what makes my Alaska Leadership Training consistently bring about successful and lifelong change for my clients.

Because when you set foot in the Alaskan wilderness, you begin not one… but two journeys…

One is external, exploring mountains, rivers and forests… an awe-inspiring backcountry adventure.

And one is internal, exploring the mind, heart and life’s journey… which allows you to experience “aha moments” that change your life forever.

Put together they’re a practically foolproof strategy for real and lasting change.

Here’s how it works…

With Alaskan Leadership Training, you plunge into the unknown. You enter a world completely different than the average. And you find yourself submerged in… SILENCE.

Silence enables you to abandon all the maddening distractions of our modern day… and for once… look deeply at your own mind and heart.

Do that for long enough… and a meaningful “aha” isn’t far off…

With my Alaskan Leadership Training, the “aha moment” becomes a part of your “wiring.” The awesome and expansive Alaskan wilderness inspires emotionally powerful feelings… and those feelings act like anchors for your “aha moments.”

It’s not smoke and mirrors. It’s psychology. Science… and it WORKS.

Now, if you or your leadership team would like to experience this kind of change… to rediscover your deepest leadership truths or realign your leadership goals… please reach out to me to schedule your Alaskan Leadership Training.

I promise you… it’ll be unlike any other leadership training you’ve ever experienced.

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  1. Trainings in outdoor leadership are fantastic! It is incredibly educational and enjoyable, and I heartily endorse it! The leadership development sessions were engaging, very informative, and fascinating. I am appreciative of for bringing it to my attention and for the wealth of knowledge it offered!

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