Anatomy of Back Country Retreats

Hey there, adventurer. If you’ve been in the professional world for long enough, you’re certainly familiar with the idea of a “leadership retreat.” And if you’re anything like me… the very thought of it makes you shudder… which… is actually not a bad thing. In fact, it would make you a perfect candidate for my back country retreats for top-performing leaders.

Here’s why.

The status quo is the bane of true leadership growth

I’ve been through typical “leadership retreats.” Cushy hotel rooms. Stuffy conference rooms. Hours of droning talking-head presentations. Endless slideshows about “policy” and “procedure.” Seriously… I can’t think of a worse way to strengthen your leadership than the current status quo.

It’s bland. Boring. Soft. Fake. It feels like a facade… An act that companies put on for the sake of “compliance” but not to effect true change. And certainly not to inspire greatness, passion and unity in company leadership!

Because here’s the thing.

The status quo, average, day-to-day life for the average man inspires selfishness and mediocrity… complacency… burnout… distraction.

It’s the opposite of what great leaders need to be.

If you want to create DAMN GOOD leaders… you need to break that vicious cycle of mediocrity.

That means you can’t amplify the status quo with a leadership retreat, you need to shatter the status quo.

If you want dramatic improvement in leadership performance… you need a dramatic plan of action… Because if you keep putting in the same input, you’ll keep getting the same output.

Which brings me to my main point…

What makes back country retreats any better?

Take a glimpse inside back country retreats

Every time I take on new clients for my back country retreats, the model works like magic.

I say “like magic…” because there’s nothing magical about it…

A better word might be “like clockwork”, because there’s a proven science behind what makes back country retreats so powerful for leadership coaching.

Here’s what I mean.

When you take the brave leap and embark on back country retreats, you’ll step into the unknown.

You’ll abandon the familiar, day-to-day life that’s stunted your potential and sedated your hopes and dreams.

You’ll trade the frantic panic of workaday life for indescribable silence on a mountain ridge.

You’ll forget about the 5,773 unread “urgent” emails in your inbox and lose yourself in a cup of “spruce nettles tea” waiting out a rainstorm.

You’ll leave the sickening cacophony of modern life and step into a world of silence, and self reflection.

Here’s why it matters

When the artificiality of daily life slips away, you’ll be left with what’s most real.

Once that happens, you’ll experience, perhaps for the first time in your life… an extended period of time where you have nothing to distract you from your internal realities.

Just you. Your mind. Your heart. Your values. Your deepest truths. Your goals. And your life’s purpose.

Imagine how powerful that would be. Imagine the change you could create in your life…

Do you think a typical “leadership retreat” can pull that off?

Not a chance, my friend.

Want an easy way to remember this?

Keep this pack-a-punched axiom for your memory banks.

Nature kills all pretense

At a basic level, nature shows you what’s real… and what’s really important.

Deep, introspective discoveries paired with masterful and carefully timed questions from your adventure coach are what lead to long-lasting change on back country retreats.

Want to experience that for yourself?

Or maybe you want your whole leadership team to benefit from back country retreats?

In either case, apply today… there’s never been a better time.

And if you want an appetizer for the kind of transformation you could witness… check out my own transformation traversing all seven continents in my book Wandermust available on Amazon.

If you want to try before you buy, you can read the first chapter for free here.

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