Backcountry Adventures – Leave It All, Find It All

Do you know what it’s like to be “in the middle of nowhere?” Not like, “we don’t have 5g, we must be in the middle of nowhere…” But have you ever really been “in the middle of nowhere?” Like, knee-deep in the snow. Alone. Zero cell service. In an expansive wilderness most people will only ever experience as a screensaver on their phone. These backcountry adventures will show you what it really means to be “in the middle of nowhere.” And while the thought might be scary at first, it’ll give you an outlook on life most of humanity has lost and you’ll learn to love it.

Here’s why.

When you embark on a journey into the unknown you leave everything behind. Everything other than yourself.

And when you leave everything, all of the sudden, you’re able to find everything.

I’ll stop being cryptic now and tell you exactly what I mean.

Backcountry Adventures Give You Two Landscapes To Discover

The first landscape is the obvious one. If you go on one of my global leadership adventures, we’ll choose an amazing location and overcome some incredible challenges that you’ll remember forever.

But the second landscape is much more important. And that is, the landscape of your mind and heart.

By leaving everything behind for a short time, your job, your daily routine, your stress, your problems. You name it…

You’ll rip yourself out of that vicious cycle, you’re no longer enslaved to it, you’re free to explore not just a new geographical area, but you’re now free to explore who you are, what you want and who you could be.

By leaving everything behind, you’re able to look inward and discover the treasure of self-knowledge, power and hope.

People fear what is unknown and unfamiliar, they’re comfortable in their little bubble.

But as long as you’re an obedient slave to that “little bubble” you’ll never really know who you are, what you can achieve and how happy you can be.

It’s actually a tragedy if you ask me.

I didn’t know all of that when I started my backcountry adventures nearly 30 years ago. In fact, I didn’t know much of anything. But I felt the results. I saw it happening in my own mind and heart. I became a better person as a result.

And once I realized that I knew I had to help as many people as possible experience the same life-changing power of adventure.

Overcome The Wild, Overcome Yourself

One of the key points to success on all backcountry adventures is that you need to strive for greatness in both landscapes.

So if we’re out climbing the mountains of Norway…

Do you want to reach the mountain summit? Of course.

Does the mountain want to kick your ass? You bet.

Will you want to give up along the way? Most certainly.

But that’s the most important mountain to climb.

Not the one made of dirt, rock and ice.

The mountain is you.

Your self-doubt.

Your self-imposed limitations and the artificial restrictions society loves to place on us to squelch our hopes and ambition.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s one hell of a mountain to climb, but you can do it. And if you truly want to be happy, you must do it.

And you know what? Because I know you can do it, I want to help you.

You can’t make this journey alone both for your physical and mental/emotional health.

If having an adventure coach would help you get your life back on track and reach your goals, I’d love to invite you to apply for one of my backcountry adventures.

The application form is quick, easy and I’ll get back to you promptly!

P.S. Remember, if you never break free from your “comfort bubble” you’ll never know who you really are and how great and happy you could become.

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