Great leaders are formed in the wild

Master Coach Mike Green in Alaska

You’ll never discover the truth about yourself behind a desk, but in the rugged wilderness of Alaska, on the breathtaking plains of the Serengeti or in the stunning Gobi desert.

Extreme environments challenge us to become the best version of ourselves by drawing upon the courage within each of us to achieve new levels of performance.

Mike Green will guide and coach you on a journey of self discovery and transformation based on his 30 years of experience helping other successful leaders to achieve goals ordinary coaches would claim are impossible. True…

Whether in group or individual coaching or customized travel expeditions, Mike Green can lead you up the mountain of self-discovery that every great leader in business, sports or military service must conquer before being transformed.

You will doubt yourself, but that doubt will be destroyed through determination and victory.

You will be tempted to quit, but that temptation will be transformed into a serene confidence.

You will begin with questions and answer them definitely as you discover the truth of the man you were made to be.

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Work Philosophy

I offer a variety of coaching methods, including face-to-face, virtual sessions, and adventure coaching through customized travel expeditions.