How Adventure Travel Coaching Will Fix Your “Life Flow”

Sometimes the simple things will blow your mind. With adventure travel coaching even the smallest things can fuel lifelong change.

Seriously, the thing you’d least expect could lead to a stunning realization that’ll spark lifelong resolutions.

What am I talking about?

Let me explain.

I call these little things “anchors”.

Anchors fasten your internal discoveries to physical realities. So you can always tie your internal journey back to your external journey to a distant and strange land. (This is part of the magic of backcountry adventures).

With these “anchors”, you attach your deepest discoveries to things you can see, hear, taste and smell. It’s really powerful stuff… here’s a perfect example from my own journey.

My surprising anchor from adventure travel coaching on the Inca Trail to Cusco

Maybe I’m just a little bit weird… but something really random stuck out to me during my trek on the Inca Trail.

It was a very distinct “tick-tick” sound whenever my boots struck the ancient carved stone trail. It was unlike anything I’d heard before.

The sound intrigued me, and it never stopped… “Maybe something was wrong with my boots” I wondered. But that wasn’t it.

It continued with every step, an endless “tick-tick.”

It was as if the path was hollow, or the ancient stones themselves were hollowed out… but upon investigation, that wasn’t the cause.

I thought about it every day… constantly.

Finally, I asked a native about the mysterious occurrence, he smiled and despite my flawed Spanish, he explained:

“The Inca Trail is something very special. The stones were laid so that everything was allowed to shift. So that moisture could pass underneath the stones, over them, between them. Our ancestors were wise. Instead of trying to build something immovable, they built something that would allow the water to flow straight through it, leaving it unmoved…”

And that’s when it struck me like a bolt of lightning!

I had to be like those stones on the Incan trail. I had to adopt the forgotten wisdom from the ancient Incas.

Instead of trying to be a stone wall against the forces of life, I had to allow life to move over me, under me, through me… “tick-tick”… No one man can stand unmoved by the forces of life for long, but the man who allows life to flow through him may just as well be immobile.

This adventure travel coaching lesson has stayed with me ever since. I’ll never forget it.

It’s changed my outlook on life. And it all started with an unexpected “tick-tick” sound from the Inca trail to Mancu Picchu.

And there are countless stories just like this one from my many adventure travel coaching expeditions. Everyone’s experience is different but the process is the same.

Far-flung adventures bring astonishing transformation

My particular transformation happened in the Andes Mountains on the Inca trail, but yours could happen anywhere…

You could discover your deepest truths in Wadi Rum in Jordan or nearby Petra.

Maybe you’ll find the key to your transformation in Munster Castle in Ireland… or the vast oceans of tobacco fields in the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua.

Perhaps it’s the smell of fear and awe watching a bullfight in Madrid… or the leathery sensation of good Scotch in a centuries-old tasting room in the Scottish highlands.

You’ll never know unless you make your own adventure.

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