Does Your Team Need An Alaska Coaching Retreat?

Recently I had a top CEO from a cyber security company join me for an Alaska coaching retreat.

Forgive me if I skip over the details to get to the point of this post…

His retreat was a resounding success and he had one of the greatest transformations of his life. Of course, that’s always been one of the deepest joys for me as a leadership coach.

But what he decided to do next made me even happier, and it’s something I’ve really been trying to do more often.

We were sitting around the campfire on the last night before his return to the “real world.” And like all retreats, we were talking about his new resolutions and most important action items.

There was a lull in the conversation and he stared into the fire…

“I’ve decided,” he said resolutely.

I was confused, “Decided what?”

He looked at me proudly, “My entire leadership team will make our annual leadership retreat out here with you in the bush…”

At first I was surprised, I really wasn’t expecting it… but he was serious, he immediately scheduled an Alaska coaching retreat with me for his entire leadership team. (almost 12 people… it’s a lot, but I can pull it off)

Can you imagine the shock his leadership team will have when they find out?

It makes me grin just thinking about it!

No cushy hotels, no stuffy conference rooms, no endless babbling seminars.

Nope. None of that stuff.

Next year, his entire leadership team will join me in the Alaskan bush for the leadership retreat of a lifetime.

And that’s exactly what my Alaska adventure coaching is all about.

Unite and realign your leadership team on an Alaska coaching retreat

Now I must admit… I really love individual leadership adventures because they allow me to deeply impact a person’s life and future direction.

But think about this…

Because this is really incredible to consider…

If the impact is so meaningful in one person, imagine what will happen if your entire leadership team experiences a similar transformation.

Of course, it will change their lives individually… but it will also dramatically improve the life of your entire company.

Just imagine this… your entire leadership sharing a clear, calm and united vision with renewed excitement and dedication behind it.

What does that look like for you?

For some business leaders, it’ll be like seeing a corpse rise from the dead or an aging cripple restored to prime health.

But how does an Alaska coaching retreat do that? And why?


Here’s how a CEO explained it in his own words:

“My team must experience this place… the huge expanse, the ability to really drill down on our mission around a campfire.

The silence and simple tasks will calm our minds and allow us to really focus on the mission of our company.

It’s a place where the only distractions are the mountains, nature, weather, and quiet.

How could you not get real out here? After this experience, how could I send my leadership team anywhere else?”

This CEO and friend of mine is just one of the most recent to take advantage of a team Alaska with me.

And if you and your team would like to do the same, I’d love to help you.

You’ll re-focus on your mission and bring new life to your company.

Abandon the frantic activity of daily work life… Rediscover your company’s purpose and renew your goals and vision.

It’s in silence and the simple realities that amazing things start happening…

You and your team will rediscover your “why” and refocus your efforts on what’s most important.

If that’s what you would like for your team, here’s what you need to do now…

Contact me today about an Alaska coaching retreat with me. In the application, specify you’d like a group retreat. Include a rough estimate for numbers.

My camp can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people. Everyone will have plenty of food and essentials to stay fairly comfortable.

In the meantime, ponder this question…

If individuals leave these retreats with a fresh new start on a happier and better life…

What will your company look like after your entire leadership team attends a retreat like this?

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