The Astonishing Power of Global Leadership Adventures

These kinds of questions always bring a smile to my face.

Sometimes people ask, “Mike, you know, I like you, but why do I need to go on one of your expensive Global Leadership Adventures to get the leadership skills I want? If outside time is what I need, I’ll just go to the park…”

First, if you don’t have enough time or money to put toward your self-improvement and growth, I’m not the guy for you.

Second, it’s not just “being in the wilderness” or “getting outside time” that magically turns you into an elite leader. There’s a logical process of real internal change.

Here’s what I mean…

Every great success in life is the product of a journey. And the journey doesn’t just slingshot us to success, it’s a process of ups and downs and wins and losses. It changes us, we’re transformed by it, and that transformation is part of our success. You can honestly say that the person who returns from a journey isn’t quite the same as the one who left. I call this the “transforming power of adventure”, and it lies at the heart of my Global Leadership Adventures.

So, yes. You can go to the park and get “outside time”, but that’s not a “journey,” and you probably won’t be “transformed” by what you experience.


Because adventure requires that you face the unknown, overcome obstacles and grow as a result. If you want to be transformed through adventure, you can’t skip the adventure part.

And deep down we all know this…

Even if you’ve never left the comfort of your hometown, you’ve already experienced this power. Because life itself is an adventure. It’s THE great adventure. One that’s packed full of smaller ones that determine your life’s course.

Adventures like going to school for the first time as a kid or getting your first job. Making a career shift or building your own business. Starting a family or buying a home, all of these are little adventures.

And in every adventure, you must leave what is known and face what is unknown. Leave the familiar and face the unfamiliar. This pushes you to grow, improve and expand your knowledge. Not just about the unknown, but also about yourself.

That’s Precisely What You’ll Get With My Global Leadership Adventures. And You Know What? They Work!

And here’s why it works so amazingly well…

Exploring distant lands removes you from the day-to-day routine you’re stuck in. Facing the unknown teaches you courage and determination. And overcoming obstacles forms strength and discipline.

On my Global Leadership Adventures you’ll radically change your pace, scenery and the way you see things. You’ll take a step back and evaluate what’s happening in your life, heart and mind. You’ll get to know yourself better, set or adjust your life goals and develop leadership skills that you’ll carry forever. And that’s my job as your adventure coach. If you share this journey with me, I’ll make sure you get life-long results.

The memories and experiences you’ll create on this incredible journey will “anchor” your growth and progress for the rest of your life. Whenever you think back on braving the Alaskan forest or surmounting Ecuador’s largest active volcano, you’ll remember the lessons you learned, the decisions you made and the personal development you achieved through the transformative power of adventure.

Ready to get started?

Apply for wilderness leadership training with me, Mike Green, and become the leader you were born to be.

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