Formed In The Wild – Hitchhiking across the country, the kindness of others, and using the outdoors to build great leaders

In this episode, Life in Motion interviews Mike Green who is an adventure life coach and author of ‘Wandermust’. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and

Mike grew up in a small town in New York and quickly fell in love with the outdoors. In high school he decided to take a break from wrestling to do an outward bound course. Mike was hooked, but it only got better once he discovered seasonal work. He used the job flexibility to fuel his travels around the world.

Eventually he settled down as a history teacher and decided to prove a point to his students that didn’t believe in the kindness of others. How? By hitchhiking across the country in 10 days with no money – only his own kindness to share along the way.

The culmination of Mike’s life experiences inspired him to help others, by asking the right questions, leaving people better than he found them and practicing integrity with Mike Green Leadership. If you’ve ever wondered what steps you can take to take control of this adventure we call life, then this ones for you!

“I would encourage them to give themselves the gift of sitting with a moment of reflection of, ‘are you living your optimal life?'” – Mike Green

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