Adventure Coaching Leads to Meaningful Wins

Listen to episode 21 of The Visibility Factor on PodBean featuring guest Mike Green. Here are the topics Mike and Susan discussed:

  • Mike shared how he got into adventure coaching and how he trusted himself to make the decisions to try new roles in his life.
  • He shared some of the meaningful wins that his clients have after they go through adventure coaching experiences with him.
  • We talked about his most challenging roles and his favorite experiences.
  • Wandermust, his new book, is a unique view of adventure coaching from his client’s point of view and helps the reader learn from some of Mike’s key leadership lessons.
  • Mike shared what being an author has meant to him, how he has stepped into his visibility as a coach and what it is like to receive feedback about his book from readers.
  • Mike shared how he values servant leadership and serving others first.

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