Kazakh Golden Eagle Hunters
Mongolia offers endless terrains, from mountain peaks to barren deserts to forests, and so much more in between. Visit these expansive landscapes while stopping along the way to visit with the gracious Mongolian people. Experience the best in fly fishing, and travel via horseback or SUV through some of the most beautiful landscapes. Hunt with the Kazakh Golden Eagle Hunters like they have for centuries, and adventure through the stiff winds as you ride the ridges and plateaus.

Kazakh Golden Eagle Festival
This festival is held every October and is one of the greatest ways to experience the Kazakh culture. Immerse yourself in the traditions of eagle hunting by spending time with these talented men and women. Becoming increasingly popular each year, the Eagle Festival will leaving a lasting impression. Customized itineraries are available for fishing, mountain biking, Kazakh family stays, and more.

Naadam Festival
This traditional festival features wrestling, horse racing, and archery and is believed to have existed for centuries in different forms. Today, this celebration acknowledges Mongolia’s independence through games, competitions, music, and elaborate ceremonies. Experience it firsthand and make unforgettable memories.